About Our Tachyon Chambers in Sedona AZ – Tachyon Wellness Centers Arizona

Tachyons are subatomic particles and travel faster than light. They infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyons do not alter your chemical composition but the Tachyon Particles permanently change the quantum properties of atomic nuclei in matter on a subatomic level. Therefore, Tachyon Particles decrease the deterioration and entropy of physical matter. This can slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system.


Specialists trained in creating a highly concentrated effective stream of Tachyon energy created all of our particle chambers. These powerful chambers help in promoting better health, mental sharpness, heightened awareness, and higher levels of energy.

Tachyon particles help to remove the physical causes of many diseases therefore repairing imbalances in our bodies. They work by restructuring our DNA, therefore they influence both the physical body and our energetic bodies. They can improve our well-being and accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.

Tachyon particles are present in every living being wherein, they improve the higher consciousness  of each individual. Harmonization is sluggish to absent when Tachyon levels are low.


Mild detoxification within the body can occur, thus causing emotional fragility. These side effects pass quickly with sufficient rest and proper hydration. Tachyon has different effects on different people and can therefore be very individualized. Some people find using Tachyon fields near the head produces the deepest sleep they have ever had. Meanwhile, others find that they are unable to rest due to increased synapse activity. There are no side effects in most people except feeling a wonderful sense of well-being.


Tachyon exposure helps you gain energy and promotes healing because your body won’t be fighting the harmful EMF radiation that surrounds your body’s aura.

Cell phones, cell towers, satellites, fluorescent lighting, electrical fields, cable TV, radio stations etc, are continually harming our bodies because they emit electro-magnetic frequencies. Therefore we become overloaded trying to resist and fight these dense EMF fields. As you begin to visit our Tachyon Chambers you rejuvenate your personal energy field much faster. ​


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