Tachyon Therapy Sessions in one of our Tachyon Chambers, is a relatively new alternative healing modality

—compared to acupuncture, hypnosis, and reiki. It was in 1962 when physicists first published the tachyon concept. So what should you know about it?

After a session in one of our tachyon chambers, you’ll experience feelings of healing, clarity, awareness, pain relief, relaxation, improved sleep, assistance with weight loss and addiction recovery.

Very few side effects are reported from using our Tachyon Chambers, but they are similar to feelings related to detoxification and pass with proper hydration and rest.

The method by which tachyon energy is delivered is proprietary, but the Tachyon engineers claim it to be “carefully balanced and calculated, amplified, tested, and retested for the greatest potency levels for full body/aura saturation.”

Price Per Session
30 Minute Session $70.00
60 Minute Session  $125.00
90 Minute Session  $175.00
90 Minute Shamanic Session 1st Monday of the month. $180.00 please call to schedule 928-451-6304

*Package Prices
A.  5 – 60   Minute Sessions  $530.00 ($106. per session)
B.  10 – 60 Minute Sessions $1000.00 ($100. per session)
C.  5 – 90   Minute Sessions $795.00 ($159. per session)
D.  10 – 90 Minute Sessions $1500.00 ($150. per session)

*Monthly Membership
A.  4 – 60 Minute Sessions per month $350.00 ($87.50 per session)
B.  4 – 90 Minute Sessions per month $525.00 ($131.50 per session)

* To purchase Package and Monthly Packages
call 928-451-6304
or stop by the Center
at 2855 State Route 89A Sedona, 86336

Many things on Earth are seen and measured; others are unseen and unmeasured. Billions of conversations—verbal and nonverbal—take place between people every minute. The quantum of human interaction is similar to billions of air molecules you trust.

When you ask, “What is a subatomic particle?” the answer is an approximation of its reality. Use your imagination to “see” this minuscule item and get your own vision of “energy.”

That’s what Einstein did. He used inner vision to discover information about light’s reality and speed and opened the possibility of particles and waves that travel faster than the speed of light measured by human perception.

Tachyon is the name for a particle—imagine it in a “quantum mass field”—that travels faster than the speed of light. It is also a technology that benefits humanity.

East Texas pain management doctor Lee Griffith, M.D. earned his degree from the University of New Mexico and trained at the Cleveland Clinic. After marrying actor and shaman Olivia Hardt in 2014, he was inspired by her to explore alternative healing modalities to help serve the needs of his patients.

In 2016 the couple entered a Tachyon chamber and experienced the positive effects. Soon afterwards, he and Olivia opened Tachyon Wellness in Sedona.

People seeking relief when physically or emotionally ill confront choices that are as difficult to navigate as their discomforts. Prayer? Meditation? Doctors? Healers? Medication? Tachyon?

We offer products beyond healing chambers so those who are curious may begin slow using clothing, jewelry, food, kitchen, and pet items, and “gel cells” for pinpointed pain relief. Our technology’s purpose is to restore imbalances in the energy field. Contact Tachyon Wellness Sedona to find out more today