What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’m not usually impressed by much. I have seen a lot of devices that claim to be able to generate energy. As a Shaman, I look for authentic products that support human evolution. When I first placed the Tachyon Rods in my hands, I was astounded by how fast I felt the energy move around my body. I started feeling healing subtle energy tears and gaps in my energetic body. Ever since then I have shared them with many people and they felt it as well. I will say you won’t see me that far away from my rods. I love them, I sleep with them and use them daily on myself and friends. If it weren’t real, you would not be reading this testimony.”

-Shaman Durek

“The Tachyon Wellness Sedona Center is the epitome of energetic healing and meditation!  I loved my session there!  I met the gracious owners, Dr. Lee Griffith and his wife, Shaman Olivia Hardt Griffith and promised to come back again and again!”

-Clarissa Burt

“That was the most relaxing and peaceful hour of my life. My mind has been completely saved from negative thoughts, stress and anxiety.”

-Google Review

“Words cannot express how incredible my experience was today! The healing room is absolutely peaceful and amazing. The amount of blissful healing energy I experienced, was off the charts. I was still blissed out many hours later! I can’t say enough about how incredible the Center is and how amazing the healing energy was! Thank you!”

-Facebook Review

“Relaxing, energizing and helps with the ease of your pain.  It is absolutely worth the drive from Phoenix.  Even after a few days I am still benefiting from my session.  I can not wait to go again.”

-Yelp Review

“Wonderful loving atmosphere. Beautiful healing chambers and tools. I had a very positive experience which I will be writing about soon. I am still integrating the many gifts and insights received today. Thank you Tachyon Wellness Center for your vision, warm reception, and open house.”

-Facebook Review

“Came through Sedona looking for healing and rest. This Tachyon place kept appearing in our field. When things keep popping up I tend to follow them like breadcrumbs laid out for me.

Found it a deeply relaxing experience both to mind and body. I was skeptical of this technology… but I am very glad I gave it a try. Thank you to it owners for providing this.”

-Yelp Review

“Enjoyed this replenishing 1-hr Tachyon session! Felt rejuvenated & relieved some back pain/tension was experiencing. Would definitely go back anytime. Highly recommended for people new to meditation, excellent way to go within & for any/all physical healing! Thank you.”

-Google Review

“Tachyon Wellness is a beautiful, high vibrational healing space in Sedona that uses state of the art energy technology to jump start your holistic healing process and spiritual growth. I went in with no expectations and had a very deep healing experience in which my thoughts slowed down and stopped and I had powerful insights about my life. I released old childhood beliefs and felt energy moving through my belly area, the inflammation and soreness in my stomach that is now gone. I did more research on Tachyon energy and am very excited about this modality which is based on quantum physics and was developed by a professor of science who healed himself from a chronic illness. We are so lucky to have this opportunity amplified by the powerful energy of Sedona, I highly recommend it!”

-Yelp Review

“Beyond words! Within minutes inside the gorgeous, glorious amethyst chamber the chair I was reclined in melted away. I felt simultaneously held and suspended like a fetus in the womb. Visions of Ancients came through alongside those who have yet to come. I found myself deeply held and loved outside of time and space. No mind. No body. Just pure consciousness. Pure love. I am already looking forward to my next session which will be booked before the Sun goes down today!  From the bottom of my beat-beat heart, thank you for bringing this powerful healing to Sedona.”

-Facebook Review


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