Tachyon Illumination Rods – Mega Wands 7”


Our MOST POWERFUL TACHYON PRODUCT…these handheld MEGA Power Rods are pulsing with Tachyon. Weighing in at a pound a piece, these Rods will immediately pulse Tachyon through your whole body.



  • Use Power Rods any time you feel you need a boost in energy
  • Use Power Rods when meditating
  • Use Power Rods when manifesting
  • Hold Power Rods over any area that needs healing
  • Sleep with a Power Rod down by your feet.  They are wonderful for those with neuropathy or circulation issues.
  • Anytime, anywhere, these are such a blast.

Many practitioners place Power Rods in their client’s hands for ultimate healing fields.

7″ long   x  7/8″   diameter   1 lb. each

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