About Our Tachyon Therapy Wellness Chambers 

The experts who designed our chambers have been working with energy for over 50 years, specializing in Tachyon Energy fields.  Their technology is said to be the strongest to date. Each chamber works using their Proprietary Method of Michium technology which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements, and crystals.  This method emits the  Tachyon Particles symbiotically in a very high powered state.

The energy within our chambers has been carefully balanced and calculated. It is also amplified, tested and retested for the highest potency levels for full body/aura saturation.

Our powerful chambers help in promoting better health, wellness, mental sharpness, heightened awareness, and better energy levels. The particles help to remove the causes of many physical illnesses and diseases by repairing energetic imbalances in our bodies. Tachyon improves our overall well-being while dramatically accelerating our spiritual growth.

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