Tachyon Therapy helps repair EMF damage.  Our Tachyon Chamber decreases the breakdown of physical matter. This is shown to slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system, therefore improving wellness.

About Our Tachyon Therapy Wellness Chambers 

Experts who have been working with energy for over 50 years, while specializing in Tachyon energy fields, built each  Tachyon chamber at our wellness center, which means they are the strongest chambers to date. They work to repair EMF damage we sustain daily in our modern world, which promotes wellness.

Each chamber works using our Proprietary Method of Michium technology which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements and crystals.  This method therefore emits the  Tachyon Particles symbiotically in a very high powered state.

These particles are present in every living being wherein, they improve the higher consciousness of each individual.  However, the energy within our chambers have been carefully balanced and calculated. It is also amplified, tested and retested for the greatest potency levels for full body/aura saturation.”

Our powerful chambers help in promoting better health, wellness, mental sharpness, heightened awareness, and higher levels of energy. The  particles help to remove the physical causes of many diseases therefore repairing imbalances in our bodies. They work by restructuring our DNA, therefore they influence our energetic bodies as well as our physical bodies. They can also improve our well-being meanwhile accelerating our spiritual growth dramatically.

Cell phones, cell towers,  electrical fields, cable TV, satellites, fluorescent lighting, radio stations etc, are continually damaging our bodies on a cellular level because they emit electro-magnetic frequencies or EMF. Therefore we become overloaded trying to resist and fight these EMF energy fields. As you begin to visit our chambers you will rejuvenate your personal energy field much faster. ​

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